Monday, February 14, 2011

After getting assurance Egyptian protesters have gone from Cairo’s Tahrir square

A large number of protestors have gone Cairo’s Tahrir square when Egypt's new military government gave assurance that they would dissolve parliament and hang up the constitution.
The military superior authorities have also said they will stay in power for six months whenever the election could be held. The declarations were praised by most of the demonstrators as a fresh break from the old rule. Egyptian former President Hosni Mubarak resigned on Friday as the result of 18 days of national protests.
In the mean time on Monday a bank holiday has been announced by the government to ease the country situation after employee’s disturbed process at the country's main state banks.
The military is likely to disallow meetings by labor unions or proficient organizations, efficiently banning protests and telling all the Egyptian to come back at their work. Some employees have been encouraged by the triumph of demonstrators and are now looking for the taking away of the bosses they accuse for what they think a huge income gaps in their companies.
The country’s law framework disallowed various parties and groups from holding in elections, exiting Egypt with a parliament crammed with followers of the National Democratic Party, reliable to Mr. Mubarak. Initially the cabinet appointed by Mr. Mubarak has submitted legislation to the army chief for endorsement.
One of the opposition’s leaders Ayman Nour, who confronted Mr. Mubarak for the presidency in 2005, explained the military leadership's decisions as a "success for the revolution".
Caretaker Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq has said that his main preference was to maintain law and order situation of his country. In the mean time we also want to make sure that the routine life of all Egyptian citizens goes back towards ease and the basic commodities like bread and health associated medicines are available. He said the country has substantial reserves to tackle economic crisis but prevailing easiness in the country then could be created hurdles.
Previously Mr. Obama praised the new military authority’s announcement telecasted on state Television on Saturday, which completely proves that the Egypt's 1979 peace agreement with Israel will remain unharmed. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu also greeted the declarations saying that the agreement associated with the stability of Middle East.

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