Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food poisoning erupted in Japan’s Hokkaido schools

At least nine hundred and above school children have got sick at nine schools on Japan's northern Hokkaido island in an alleged eruption of food poisoning.
Thirteen children have been brought in the hospital in the city of Iwamizawa also 49 teachers and other school staffs also have diagnosed such symptoms. The affected school will remain closed till weekend.
The outburst was so prevalent because, like various cities in Japan, Iwamizawa runs big central kitchens which provide food every day to a lot of schools. Also three of these kitchens have been closed down and an inquiry is carried out.
The children were begun to fall sick last week after eating lunch of miso soup, salad and Japanese radish with minced meat. All the children were affected while no one is in serious condition.
The health officials in Hokkaido think a salmonella infection possibly to fault but have yet to examine the reason of the eruption.

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