Tuesday, February 22, 2011

German minister has withdrawn doctorate after the allegations of copying Thesis

German defense minister has withdrawn from his doctoral title for good, after accusations that he had copied sections of his theory.
Last week Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said he would provisionally give up the title while his university examined the charges. According to German TV, The University of Bayreuth says that he has now asked them to withdraw his doctorate in law.
Mr. Guttenberg acknowledged that he had made a "severe blunders". In an election campaign near Frankfurt on Monday, the charming defense minister said the errors were not deliberately but he accepted that they "do not fulfill the morally rule of science". He said obviously the decision was very difficult when you had given almost seven years of his life to the PhD.
His theories - Constitution and Constitutional agreement:  Constitutional Developments in the US and EU - was finished in 2006 and published in 2009.
The Suddeutsche Zeitung claimed that Mr. Zu Guttenberg had imitated, word for word, one way from a newspaper editorial while 2nd one from a public lecture, without pointing them and other wordings were wrongly attributed.
The list of accuse examples of lifting grew as journalists and internet users appeared more extremely at the thesis.
Chancellor Angela Merkel persisted on Monday that she is backing by her defense minister, who is perceive as something of a mounting star in her conventional partner.
She said that "I had appointed Guttenberg as defense minister and not appoint him as an educational assistant or doctor. What is significant to me is his duty as minister of defense and he carries out these duties efficiently."
She also played down the role that the scandal might have played in her party's major beat in a provincial election in Hamburg at the weekend.

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