Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What should Honda do to the (2013?) Honda Accord for North America?

This is not the next Honda Accord.
Here are some facts to consider about what type of direction this car should go, it is no secret that here in Canada we prefer the smaller cars, our 2010 Honda Civic sold 57,501 units VS the 2010 Honda Accord which sold a paltry 14,659 (down I might add from 16,017 in 2009).
However in the US, different story, the 2010 Honda Accord sold 311,381 (up I might add from 290,056 in 2009) and placed 2nd overall for cars sold in the US (Toyota Camry sold 327,804 units). The 2010 Honda Civic sold 260,082. So, in the US, it's obvious that they like the larger cars.
Looking at these numbers, and thinking of North America as a whole, I would have to say that the car is the right size.
I will start this off by going through what I'd like to see;
-Better gas mileage.
-Shorter, put it back into the mid-sized car category.
-Heated Cloth Seats
-Leather 2nd row Heated Seats
-Heated Steering Wheel Option
-Make the Navi portable, using the cars key, you can unlock the Navi and go.
-Flat Rear Floor.
-Keep the traditional windshield rake, people in this class want to see the front end.
-Updated Navi Interface.
-Height Adjustable Passengers Seat (if not power, pump!)
-Please stay away from the push button start!
-Adjustable Power Pedals (a Touring model?)
-115 Volt outlet More Common
-Inflatable Seatbelts
-Forward/Backward Adjustable Headrests (some find that the Headrests push too forward).
-Backup Sensors w/Backup Camera
-Blind Spot Indicators (like in the Touring Odyssey)
Just add what you think to the comments section.... who knows maybe Honda's listening....

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