Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The re-starting of US Drone Attacks can add to tense the relations

U.S. drone attacks have restarted in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan on the Afghan border. The two attacks within 24 hours decreased reports that the strikes had been stopped due to the tension of arresting an American CIA freelancer who shot and killed two Pakistani citizens last month.

The US is not in a position to continue the drone attacks without Pakistani assistance in the targeted areas. But in a present overview of these killer strikes in recent years advises that few of those killed in attacks are identified high-value targets. In these attacks at least 940 insurgents killed last year, 12 were recognized most crucial targets and only two were on the U.S. most wanted list.

But a senior U.S. official giving his arguments and said that spotlighting merely on high profile targets miscalculates how imperative it is to build pressure on the Al Qaeda and Taliban setups themselves in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

The fledging attempts show to have been the idea of former Ambassador Richard Halbrooke before he died. But according to other senior official in Washington at this stage we could not make progress on account of Taliban front for making peace, relations with the Pakistan government reached new squats. The US drone attacks are the main root cause of the dispute while the US has maintained the policy to continue attacks for the region, which is creating annoyance to the nation of 170 million people.

CIA Director Leon Panetta, whose agency operates the drone attacks plan, told the Senate Intelligence Committee last week that U.S.-Pakistan coalition is “one of the most fragile alliance that I've seen in a long time.”  He said, there are many issues that we have as to how they tackle, binds the Pakistanis have to firm groups that distress us.  “I have to be part director of the CIA and diplomat to get the job done.”

The continuation of drone attacks this week after a month long gap (officials faulted bad weather conditions) comes as the U.S. and Pakistani government’s encounter over the destiny of CIA contractor Raymond Davis. On Jan. 27 Davis was passing through from the street of Lahore having a diplomatic passport and working for the U.S. embassy in Pakistan when he shot two Pakistani citizens and claimed that they were trying to rob him. The Pakistanis were irritated over these killings which had already annoyed by the drone attacks.

News that Davis was a CIA supplier was gathered with a chaos in the Pakistani press, which has attributed flammable critiques advising Davis is a rascal agent. The Obama administration has been immovable that Davis grasps diplomatic protection and is demanding his instant release. But for now, Davis, a former Special Forces officer and Blackwater security contractor, sits in a Lahore jail next to at least 4,000 Islamic radicals.

A senior US official told that Pakistani jail authorities are much worried about Davis safety that they have dogs sniffing his food to make sure that it isn’t disillusioned and have taken the weapons from his security guards for horror that they may murder him.

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