Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama’s Former Chief of Staff officer has elected next Mayor of Chicago

Former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been elected mayor of Chicago in the most important city hall voting in more than two decades.
Mr. Emanuel, who is also a former member of Congress, played intelligently with his five opponents 55% of the vote and keep away from an excess with 86% of the area reporting.
Mr. Emanuel, will be replaced Mayor Richard Daley, who has been working as Mayor since 1989, he will have to leave now. Mr. Emanuel required 50% of the vote to triumph completely on Tuesday evening.
President Barack Obama sent a message of congratulations to his former chief of staff, saying the success was well-merited. He said "as a Chicagoan and being a friend, I couldn't be arrogated. Emanuel will be proved himself a tremendous mayor for all the people of Chicago.
 Other nominees competing for the mayor's seat integrated former Senator Carol Moseley-Braun, City Clerk Miguel del Valle and longtime city officer Gery Chico.  Mr. Chico got 24% of the vote, Mr. Del Valle and Ms Braun each had 9%, while other two candidates each obtained about 1%.
Mr. Chico and Ms Braun promptly accepted to Mr. Emanuel.
Mr. Richard Daley, who had been elected in 1989 first time, his father, also called Richard Daley, was remained mayor from 1955 until his death in 1976. Now Mr. Emanuel, who will elect the city's first Jewish mayor, will replace Richard Daley. The Daley’s have led Chicago for more than 43 of the last 56 years.
Mark Arnold, 23, told the Associated Press earlier to Mr. Emanuel's victory "I think Daley's made a great job but in the meanwhile I just consider like the city’s perception right now, it's like a excellent old boy's club".
Katie Klabusich, 31, told the Chicago Tribune express she had formerly supported Mr. Daley, "but occasionally that was for required of option. I think today’s choice was well operational.
According to experts Mr. Emanuel had spent significant time for promoting himself to voters after years in Washington, while he had left the White House in October and come back to Chicago to operate for mayor, as compared to his opponents.
He continued a challenge to his residency last month after foes blamed his time in Washington helping as President Barack Obama's chief of staff banned him from contesting for Chicago mayor seat.

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