Friday, February 18, 2011

The appeal of US's geologist has rejected by the Chinese Court

The eight-year jail punishment of a Chinese-born American geologist has been sustained by a Chinese court.
US Ambassador Jon Huntsman advised China to "instantly" free Xue Feng, subsequent an investigation in which Mr. Xue pleaded against the conviction.
Mr. Xue had been jailed since last July after 30 months investigation on allegations of theft of state’s top secretes. His case was one of the same in which various Chinese having foreign passports have been jailed on similar blames. On the other hand this case has become a symbolic the China’s exercise of state secret laws to defend greatest business benefits.
Xue Feng, 44, was held in 2007 after discussing the sale of an oil industry records to his owner i.e. an American consultancy firm IHS Energy, while Mr. Xue said that the same information he had obtained China's oil industry was publicly accessible.  He alleged that he had been tormented during his imprisonment. Mr. Xue alleged that the investigation team had burned his arms with cigarettes and beat him on the head with an ashtray.
Many other cases contain that of the Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu, now jailed in Shanghai, and numerous Hong Kong occupants held in business conflicts.
According the different news reporters the courts in China are not sovereign, and high status investigations are frequently vulnerable to government pressure.
The Beijing High People's Court trials were concise and a declaration was announced refusing the request for a punishment lessening for Mr. Xue. His lawyer said on the outside the courthouse, they discarded all our focal points. The court has also fined 200,000 Yuan i.e. US$ 30,000.
The US Ambassador to China Mr. Huntsman said on the outside of courtroom, I am very upset over this result, though it was not clearly unexpected. However we ask to the Chinese government to think an instant humanitarian release of Xue Feng, so that he could meet his family and return on his routine life. This case has been brought up in each single meeting that I've been implicated with for almost two years.
"We'll not allow this one go," he added. The US had expected that Xue Feng would be released last month, when Chinese President Hu Jintao's had visited to the US.
Three Chinese nationals were also punished for unlawfully giving intelligence information to abroad. A draft on regulations published by Chinese government last year explained business date held by state firm as state top secret document.
Legal spectators have also pointed out the worries that Chinese courts are over looking legal trials when handling with receptive cases.
They say that in Xue Feng's case, the time it observe to reach the verdict sent last July violated China's own official time restrictions.

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