Saturday, February 19, 2011

Egypt has allowed to Iranian navy ships to pass the Suez Canal

An army source said, that Egypt has allowed the route of two Iranian navy ships via The Suez Canal; the decision can upset the Israel whose foreign minister has labeled the Iranian actions an aggravation.
Egyptian official news agency and state television afterward reported the news without quoting sources,
Iran's demand was an initial political check for Egypt's interim military government, which has closed relationship with the United States and has been ruling since February 11 when President Hosni Mubarak ran away on the result of powerful revolution.
Egypt’s western friends are monitoring of its policy to exist any variation towards its Middle East neighbors, particularly Israel with which it has a peace agreement.
Since Iranian revolution in 1979 the two ships would be first two Iranian navy ships to go by the canal. To do this job naval ships need the approval of Egyptian foreign as well as Defense ministers.
A canal official said, The Suez Canal Authority had yet to get approval, additionally that the next fleet from south to north would be at 6:00 a.m. (4 a.m. British time).
Avigdor Lieberman Israeli Foreign Minister said, Iran's strategy for sending the ships by the canal on the way to Syria was an Aggravation. Israel's Channel One television said later Lieberman, a loudly far-right companion in the convention alliance, had spoken out of turn and the Defense Ministry "had favored to overlook" the ships' move towards.

There was no quick response from Israel after approval was obtained.
The Egypt’s army said it was requested by the Iranian request; the ship would not be loaded with military arsenals, nuclear material or chemical cargo. They also said the ships were in the Read Sea, the canal’s southern area. 

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