Saturday, May 28, 2011

Angry Birds Game Makes Open Source More Sexy

During this time, Linux was not as lucky as MacOSX and Windows in attracting the gamers. Moreover, when the popular game Angry Birds released by Rovio Mobile on the iPhone platform (IOS), Android, and then on the Mac and Windows, arguably the desktop Linux users could only wished it, when the popular game can be played on their platform.
However, the wait is over. Today’s top games from the Rovio Angry Birds can be played online and for free on Google Chrome browser and browser are very supportive of Linux platforms. Then, what the consequences maneuver Rovio Mobile is the future of Linux What is the future platform Linux is no longer a ‘pariah’ in the computer gaming arena?
Maneuver Rovio Mobile for Google
For those not familiar with the Angry birds, this game is basically very simple principle. But simplicity is what made her popular. In early versions, Angry birds make various types of birds as protagonists, and the pigs green as the antagonist. What we must do is simple, namely angry birds, so the green pigs, which often hide behind the building or bunker.
Installing the Chrome browser is very easy, just install via the Chrome Web Store. The author has tried to play Angry Birds Chrome browser at theworkstation version of Fedora Linux version 13, and the game runs very well with excellent graphics quality. Indeed, the game is still a beta. But of course this is marketing strategy Rovio Mobile, in order to invite more and more users to wait for the next game development. Of course, this maneuver is very profitable Linux / Open Source.
Because this will be a teaser for the user to consider the Linux platform, and another party game developers will not want to miss are expected to develop games for the Chrome browser. During this, one of the superiority of the Windows platform is an unbeatable dominance in the field of entertainment / gaming.
After Angry Birds can be played on the Linux platform, the dominance will be questioned. Success Angry Birds in browser Chrome is a successful implementation of cloud computing (Cloud Computing) from Google itself.
Inspiration and the journey of Angry Birds
If we look at the flow Angry game birds, it can be concluded that the designers did develop it based on the surrounding environment. Finland has one of the most rigorous in determining the environmental quality standards, and the presence of birds is one indicator that the environment is healthy. Predictable, in the green atmosphere and full of singing birds, so the designer can get an idea Angry birds.
Rovio Mobile is already working with Google before Angry birds released Chrome browser version. Angry game birds are very popular on the Android platform, and different from the IOS platform, the Android game priced free by Rovio Mobile.
Going forward, we will see more fruits of cooperation the two companies, because it still seems Rovio Mobile will continue to develop Angry birds and other games.
Angry Wisdom birds for the development of Linux / Open Source
Linux is a plaform established on the basis of idealism. Unlike other platforms, Linux is fully Open Source platform, in the sense of consistently releasing all hisSource code to the public. For the IT and “Hard-core computer scientist”, Linux offers the flexibility, efficiency and scalability that is difficult to match other platforms.
Only, the benefits of Linux is ultimately only be enjoyed by the highly segmented, ie those groups mentioned above. End users, or regular users such as offices, designers, students IT still remain loyal to the platform of Windows and MacOSX.
Meanwhile, Windows is the only platform that offers the most complete game on the desktop, and this causes the user’s Windows platform is difficult to switch to Linux / Open Source.However, Google’s strategy-Rovio Mobile to provide the Angry birds on Chrome browser is an important breakthrough.
Why? Because the consequences of the game ‘in the cloud’ is a platform independent, meaning that any platform that is used is not too important. Chrome browser available in versions of MacOSX, Windows and various Linux distributions.
It makes Linux has the potential to get the ‘overflow’ game. Hopefully, more and more developers are developing games for the Chrome browser, so that Linux will become an attractive platform for end users as well.

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