Friday, May 27, 2011


Motherfucking Bulls blowing a motherfucking 12 point lead with motherfucking 3 minutes left. What the fuck do you think you are doing. All they fucking did was build the fucking legend of fucking Lebron fucking James. Derrick Rose what the fuck man, your the MVP and you gave us that shit bum fucking performance. You and the Bulls are a fucking embarrassment to life. Oh yea, sweet signing of Carlos Boozer I haven't seen anyone more defensively inept since Vin fucking Baker played on the Celtics drunk. I swear that signing was the worst thing that came out of last year. I would rather have Antoine Walkers broke ass out there than seeing you on the fucking bench during crunch time. My god. Now we are all hoping and praying that Dirk can stay on fucking fire and lose his fucking choking ways, because I swear to God if I have to watch LeBron fucking James say a victory speech I'm going to shoot myself in the fucking head. Seriously, I would rather fucking die then see that self absorbed, ego maniac, douchebag be happy.


(waited 2 minutes came back because I still needed to get stuff off my chest)

Oh yea, Fuck ESPN, it burns a hole in my soul everytime they show this guy on the fucking television. yea he's been playing great, yea he's been clutch. He won the Eastern Conference Finals, not the Finals yet. Lets stop praising him like the Heat have won anything, it's fucking ridiculous. Today LeBron ruined any type of sports show for me, ESPn as a whole, and reading any other site than this and my fucking fantasy league. Good dammit I fucking hate him.



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