Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jim Tressel Retires

You know what, good! He needed too, there was obviously too much controversy surrounding he and Ohio State now a days. He was already being suspended for 5 games, along with star QB Terrell Pryor and 4 other players due to a memorabilia for tattoo exchange in Columbus.

There is no real defense for Jim Tressel as he was warned about what his players were up to and chose to ignore it. He knew if those e-mails got out those players would have been suspended for the post season, so it would have been tough for him to win.

The 58-year-old Tressel had a record of 106-22-0 at Ohio State. He led the Buckeyes to eight Bowl Championship Series games in his 10 years. Combined with a 135-57-2 record in 15 years at Youngstown State, where he won four Division I-AA national championships, Tressel's career mark was 241-79-2.

A theory of mine is that Ohio State is about to get in a lot more trouble soon and Tressel knew that and decided to walk away before shit hits the fan. And there are going to be paralyzing sanctions to the program.

Ohio State and the NCAA has started a separate investigation on QB Terrelle Pryor.

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