Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NHL Back In Winnipeg

"True North Sports and Entertainment has completed its deal to purchase the NHL's Atlanta Thrashers, clearing the way to move them to Winnipeg, a source tells ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun. True North has scheduled a news conference for noon ET on Tuesday at MTS Centre in Winnipeg, at which a "significant community announcement" will be made (ESPN)."

We have been hearing these rumors for awhile now, and it seems the deal is finally done. I am glad this is happening. Atlanta should never have had a team, and I think there should be more teams in Canada, because they actually care about hockey. Saying that, I still think the best thing for the NHL would be to lower the number of teams, so that they should have a better product to put on the ice. I also think they should shorten the season, because there is really no reason to be playing hockey in June.

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