Friday, May 27, 2011

Twitter directory – Twitter remarks on a potential with electronic wallets

The Twittersphere is abuzz with the report of Google’s NFC mobile compensation network, “Google Wallet.”
Twitterers are allocating the news titles- “Google is publicizing Google Wallet and Google Offers: ‘Your phone will be able to become your wallet’" and “PayPal takes legal action against Google over mobile wallet technology” - and expressing their views about the forthcoming opened service. 
Widespread feelings about Google Wallet in the Micro-blogs include, “just read up on the Google Wallet app, appears like we are obtaining closer to gaining Rid of the job described ‘cashiers,’” “They say that Google has getting so much information, it now calls for a wallet to grasp it all in” and “How safe do you think Google Wallet is?”

 The first three places in Twitter’s catalogue of peak subjects are packed with the hashtags “#everymanshouldknowhowto,” “#lessinterestingbooks” and “#palabraschistosas.”

Justin Bieber, Canadian pop star and Selena Gomez, American actress are on break together in Hawaii. Micro-bloggers are positing links to photos of “Justin & Selena” whilst joking “Lmfao I just saw the image, Selena is lashing the jetskii and justin is sitting behind her cause you must be 18+ to activate it..”

Twitter customers are also requesting their followers if Justin Bieber is sporting momentary “henna” tattoo or an undying tattoo in the pictures.

Europe’s “most sought escapee,” Ratko “Mladic” was detained by Serbian security forces on May 26. His last name now shows at 7th position in Twitter are most discussed about topics.

Micro-bloggers are attempting to induce others to follow them with 5th  place term “TANPA FOLLOWBACK UNTIL,” the name of American movie “Pootie Tang” is in 8th position and “Death Eater,” a imaginary character from the Harry Potter movie sequence follows in ninth place.

The top 10 most discussed about topics on Twitter on May 27 at 7:30 AM GMT are:
#everymanshouldknowhowto (new)
#lessinterestingbooks (new)
#palabraschistosas (new)
Google Wallet (new)
Justin & Selena (new)
Mladic (new)
Pootie Tang (new)
Death Eater (new)
Henna (new)

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