Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kobe Days With Lakers Numbered?

Mike Brown is officially the head coach of the Lakers, which I found shocking. What I found even more shocking is that they didn't even tell Kobe. Since the beginning we have heard that Kobe wanted Brian Shaw, who was the assistant under Jackson (there were some others, but he seemed the most logical). Yet the Lakers decided they wanted "a new system" and not more of the same. In a way I understand, maybe they think it's time to blow things up.

Yet, when I sit back and think about it longer I think the Lakers are fucking morons. First off, as I said yesterday, Mike Brown is an awful coach. On top of that this "system" they are trying to get away from (triangle offense) is a system that won them championships.

I think Kobe has the right to be angry. I mean the Lakers followed him when he ran Shaq out of town, and though it took a little while it ended up in more rings. Kobe has been the face of this franchise for a long time now, and he has no say on who wil be coaching. I am against players deciding these things, but you have already let him run this franchise for years, so why the change now?

Unless the Lakers think Kobe is done, or it's time to move on. Very interesting. In my opinion Kobe still has enough left in the tank that he is a top 3 player in this league. Can he win it by himself? No, but if Gasol decided to show up this year then I think we might be talking about the Lakers in the finals, and from everything I am reading it sounds like it is mental with Gasol, so maybe he will be good to go next year.


This Gasol vs. Kobe thing is real. There were rumors Kobe's wife blew up Gasol's engagement. If that's true that could be tough to get around.

Either way, it does seem like the Lakers are getting past the "Kobe player/GM" and moving into a different era. I don't think Kobe is going to get along with this coach, so could that mean that Kobe could be playing in a different uniform? Strange to think about, and it's really hard to imagine, but if they start losing Kobe is going to throw a fit, and that fit is going to be focused on the front office for hiring this coach and not the guy he wanted.

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