Friday, May 27, 2011

Jalopnik: Virginia DMV accuses soccer mom of being sex pervert

Oh I had a chuckle over this one.
The Virginia DMV loves to hand out vanity license plates and then freak out and take them away. Remember EAT THE Kids First? Now the DMV's trying to pull the plates from a mom who just loves her two daughters.

Meet Dana Cobb, who has a Dodge Journey with those obnoxious stick figure logos on the back and a license plate proclaiming her love of the color pink and her two daughters. The license plate is "2INPINK," because she likes to dress her kids in pink.

She's had the plates for 12 years and, apparently, no one has complained until now. The local news had to talk around what it could mean but we can be more explicit.

*Edited out* (We are a family friendly blog) - follow the link below to read this part.

Who would think such a think thing? Only the Virginia DMV.

As we learned from Garth Yeaman's battle, the DMV takes in complaints over license plates and then sends those complaints to a panel of the dumbest, most prurient-minded, over-sensitive people they can find who then determine whether or not the plates are offensive.


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