Friday, May 27, 2011

‘Carole Caplin’ denied having sex with Tony Blair

The London High Court informed yesterday, Carole Caplin, the “lifestyle” counselor, denied having sex with Tony Blair after giving him massage.

Miss Caplin, a very old friend of Cherie Blair, persisted that she was not “some sort of sexpot or randy masseuse” and had not involved in any “hanky-panky” when she gave massages to the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Her counsel, David Price QC, also said that Miss Caplin had not worked as a “Svengali or Rasputin type body” in the Blairs’ marriage. Miss Caplin made her astonishing rejections during defame proceedings against a newspaper in the High Court in London. She is taking lawful action over an article that inquired whether she was setting up to “gust the cover on Tony and Cherie Blair’s sex undisclosed”.

Miss Caplin was serving as a “lifestyle counselor” and fitness instructor to Cherie Blair entire her time at Downing Street.

She fascinated controversy in November 2002 when Peter Foster, a criminal Australian imposter and her then boyfriend, bargained a £69,000 discount on the buying of two flats in Bristol for Mrs. Blair. The article was published in the Daily Mail last September, advised that Miss Caplin might have been allowing for selling the story of her 10 years with the Blairs, after the economic collapse of a gym she set up. She allegedly turned down a bid of £1million for her story 10 years before.

The report says, Miss Caplin regularly gave Mr Blair neck massages, and had a pet name for him – Toblerone. The article integrated a remark by Ian Monk, her past publicist, who said: “The issue was that you could never place her on television because there was forever this nudge-nudge, wink-wink thing going on about Tony and massage and she was not keen to put the complete version out there.” Mr. Price said that the remark indirect that Miss Caplin had had sex with Mr. Blair, a claim she rejects. He persisted that there were no fields for telling that she would violate the Blairs’ self-reliance by promoting her story.

Mr. Price said: It the article is undoubtedly advising that some hanky-panky went on in these massages there are stories that something sexual went on in the massages with Tony.
My customer’s business engages respect for secret information — it’s at the heart of what she does, at the heart of this affiliation.

The defendant’s come up to meaning is stood on over-views, defective logic and a larger playing-down of the notion made by the article.” He also rejected that Miss Caplin had lost finances. He said: “The reader has obtained the notion that my applicant has lost a dire lot of money.”

Catrin Evans, the newspaper’s counsel, told Mrs. Justice Sharp that the slander statement was “shaky” and that the meanings advised by Mr. Price were overstated. She said: “The article is not able of being derogatory of the claimant at all and therefore the claim should be released.”
Miss Caplin came to public focus in 1994, when, on the day of Mr. Blair’s first speech as Labour leader, a lurid newspaper published a topless picture of her. Alastair Campbell, Mr Blair’s aide, was said to be “exactly spitting” over the images. He told Mr. Blair: “Our gorgeous day has been cleaned out by this woman.”

Her rift with Mr. Campbell carry on in her whole time as Mrs. Blair’s counselor, reaching new loftiness during the controversy over the Bristol flats, when Mr. Campbell endangered to leave.
In spite of the controversy, she made manifestation in Hello! Magazine talking about her relationship with Mr. Blair, while Marie Claire published a photograph of her relative Mrs. Blair’s lipstick in the Blairs’ bedroom. Mr. Blair then cut all ties with her and Cherie Blair restricted her job to fitness counselor. Miss Caplin said that she was “injure” by the decision. Mrs. Justice Sharp kept her decision for a later date.

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