Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Sox @ Tigers Preview

The Red Sox are probably wishing they could play another day game, since they have scored 28 runs the last two days, but right now it doesn't seem like anything can stop them.

Tonight we get the Wake vs. Rick Porcello. Porcello has had a nice bounce back year so far (4-2 3.08 ERA. He doesn't strikeout a lot of guys, but he makes you swing by being able to nibble. Porcello is 4-0 with a 1.59 ERA in his last six starts, but maybe that's what fires up the Sox. It seems like every time the Sox play a good pitcher (or one that is "hot") they explode.

The Wake has done a good job for the Sox so far. Wakefield is 10-3 with a 3.51 ERA in his last 14 starts versus the Tigers, so hopefully he can keep that up. Wake is a tough guy to project. He could go in and pitch 6 strong innings and the knuckleball will be dancing, or it won't and he could last 2 innings. I'll take the middle ground and say we get 5 innings from Wake allowing 2-3 runs.

Red Sox win 7-5
Player of the Game: Gonzalez
Game starts at 7:05pm

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