Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stop Making Excuses Bruins!

"Bruins coach Claude Julien said he "disagreed" with the officiating in Wednesday's Game 6 loss to the Lightning. The Bruins had five power plays to the Lightning's four, but players and the coach took issue with some of the calls.

"What was more disappointing is probably the fact that I don't know if I agree with those calls," Julien said when asked about special teams. "Hopefully what was said today didn't have any impact on that, because if it did, I'd be really disappointed. You look back at those, and you get an opportunity to look back at them, and it's really, really tough to swallow (WEEI)."

The Bruins have had more power plays all serious, and I have had zero problem with the way this series has been called. I hate this kind of stuff, because it's just one big excuse to why they lost. The Bruins lost because they have the worst power play in the league, and Tim Thomas didn't bail out the rest of the team. It's really that simple.

Back in the Montreal series I would agree that the officiating was at times terrible, but how do you complain about the officiating when you have had more power plays? It's just fucking stupid. Instead of crying about some bullshit, why don't you take this time and kill Kaberle, or at the very least take him off the power play?

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