Friday, May 27, 2011

Lightning @ Bruins Preview: Game 7

Well, it comes down to this. Bruins played all year so that they could have home ice, and now they have it with a chance to go the the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1990.

Before I go into what may happen tonight, let's take a trip down memory lane. As I have stated before I was a huge Bruins fan as a child. One of my earliest memories comes from the 1990 finals. The Bruins going against the Oilers, who were basically the greatest team alive. Bruins force overtime. They get Oilers' goalie Bill Ranford down and out, with Glen Wesley with an open net from the slot area. He misses it right over the crossbar, and the Bruins lost in the 3rd overtime, and that changed the whole series.

I have never forgiven Glen Wesley cursing his very name even today.

Why do I tell you this story? Because Kaberle is becoming my new Glen Wesley. Yes there was a difference Wesley had his good moments while I have not seen one good thing from Kaberle. Bottom line is that throughout my Bruins memory it always ends in tragedy.

It's weird with all the other Boston teams I am so optimistic. I think there is a chance, they some how some way they will get it done. I have Tom Brady to thank for that, because he was the one who finally made me a believer in what I was rooting for. Yet, as the Bruins head to Game 7 it's hard to have that same feeling. It's been hell being a Bruins fan (even resulting in a 4 year hiatus).

This year has been different though. I hate to break this to everyone, but the Bruins AREN'T THAT GOOD. Usually, the Bruins lose to teams I think they are better then. Not this year, they are doing it with a hot goalie. Tim Thomas is already the best goalie I have seen on the Bruins (Yes, even better then my beloved Andy Moog). Maybe that's all it takes, maybe he is the Bruins Tom Brady. Maybe it's time to believe.

Like I said the Bruins have home ice. Thomas is coming off a subpar game, and I find that he always bounces back and rarely has back-to-back bad games. So, tonight I expect great things.

The power play? It's not going to magically get fixed, but I do believe it could be better. Bergeron should be on the point, Chara in front of the net, Seguin has to get some minutes, and Recchi needs to get off. If you do that I think they should be able to do something.

This is a Game 7, and that usually means the refs let them play. That's fantastic news for the Bruins, because they are a better 5 on 5 team. They are deeper, so if they stay out of the box they will win.

I believe.

Bruins win 5-1
Player of the Game: Thomas/Bergeron
Game starts at 8pm

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