Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bruins @ Lightning: Game 6

The Bruins are one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1990. Visions of Glen Wesley hitting the post are racing through my head, but we'll get back to that at a later date.

The Lightning have decided to go back to Roloson, which I think is something Bruins fans should be excited about. He has looked shaky for the most part during this entire series. Maybe his time off will get him back on track, but I doubt it. Smith really scared me. He is huge and really played well last game (in my opinion).

No matter who is in net the Bruins have to play a lot better then they did last time out. They can't just sit back and hope that Tim Thomas is Jesus Christ every game. He is the difference in this series, because if it wasn't for him I think the Lightning would be up in this series. Saying that, goalies are the most important and the Bruins have the best one in the NHL.

What do the Bruins need to do?

Well at this point we sound like a broken record. They can't turn the puck over in their own end. They can't get silly penalties, and it would be nice for once to actually do something on the power play. Bottom line is Thomas has to played out of his head again for the Bruins to get past the Lightning. Tampa is going to throw everything at him again tonight, and I do have a bad feeling about this game. Still, how can you against Timmy Thomas? I sure can't.

Bruins win 3-2 (OT)
Player of the Game: Thomas/Bergeron
Game starts at 8pm

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