Monday, May 23, 2011

The Lance Armstrong Saga

I have been holding off writing about this story, because I just have no interest in cycling. At this point aren't they all dirty? Yet, this finally got my attention, because this story is so much bigger then Lance Armstrong.

Above the obvious "he was a signature of hope for cancer", which is an obvious storyline, and rightfully so. The one that grabbed my attention is how far this conspiracy went. The US Postal service is now said to be involved, laundering money helping Armstrong make positive test disappear, and even supplying him with the drugs. WEEI went on and on about it this morning after the 60 minutes thing last night, but having a federal institution like the US Postal Service involved is a big deal.

It's a shame, but we really all should've seen this coming. Like I said before almost everyone that has won anything in that sport is dirty. So, why did we think he was clean? Because it was a good story, but much like when we all bought into the McGwire/Sosa HR chase it was all a farce, the difference this time is that there is even more corruption here.

Follow the link below for video of the 60 minutes interview...


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