Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lightning @ Bruins: Game 2

Bruins Bruins lost last game, because of stupid turnovers and a couple weak goals early. I am willing to look past some of it (weak goals) and chalk it up to rust. Tonight, they need to play a lot better defense though, and they need to out physical Tampa Bay.

Lets not kid ourselves the Lightning are a much better offensive team, and they are faster, but the Bruins are bigger and stronger. Much like the Canadiens the key to the Bruins success will be to wear them down. Hit them every time they have the puck, play the puck on the boards, and make them scrap to get it out. Basically, slow down the game a bit.

In the first game I thought Chara, Seidenberg, and Kaberle didn't play well. The Bruins strength is their goaltending and defense, so they need these guys to step up. As we wrote earlier the Bruins are down their best defensive forward (Bergeron), so that is even more pressure on them.

I am hoping to see Seguin on the powerplay. The kid showed last game that he has the most talent on offense, and the Bruins need something to spark that unit. You can't continue to win if you never score on the powerplay. The Ligthning are going to score, no matter how good Thomas is, so the Bruins can't give away opportunities.

I think the Bruins will win tonight, and I expect them to come out hitting.

Bruins win 4-3 (OT)
Player of the Game: Chara
Game starts at 8pm

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