Monday, May 16, 2011

What If? What would you like to see on the Next Generation Honda Prelude?

Well, I would have to class this one as a big 'wish' on my part. Honda has been pretty adamant about leaving the Prelude retired. Whenever I have asked a higher up in Honda why they aren't bringing the Prelude back I get the 'that's basically what the new Civic Si is' or 'that's what the new Accord Coupe is'. I could definately make a case for the 06' Civic and up as a spiritual successor, but c'mon, at least have a special 'Prelude edition' or something.

Anyways, I digress, if Honda (and that's a big IF) were to ever think about bringing back the Honda Prelude, what do you think it should have?

Post your ideas in the comments section, and let's see what comes up, who knows, maybe Honda's listening....

I'll start it off....
-NO hybrid!
-6 speed manual is a must, with a base model Automatic available.
-a high performance 4cyl, say a tweeked 2000 S2000 2.0litre variant, raw, with 250hp.
-dual exhaust
-panoramic moonroof
-low to the ground with a sports tuned double wishbone suspension
-18" alloys with HP rubber

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