Thursday, March 24, 2011

2012 Honda Civic update: Bits N' Pieces

-All models will have Bluetooth except the base DX.

-New feature; Motion Adaptive Steering: It’s a new driving stability technology which initiates steering inputs that prompt the driver to steer in the correct direction during cornering and in slippery road conditions.

-New Smart Audio Interface; sorry, I'll have to see the car to know what this does.

-High Tensile Steel is up to 55% now, from 45% in the 2011, this means the car should be even safer.

-The 2dr will be shorter than the 4dr.

-Improved aerodynamics for noise reduction.

-Auto headlights will be on certain trims.

-More plates on the under carriage of the vehicle cutting the coefficient drag down to .315 from .318.

-2dr side mirrors fold now.

-The 2.4L Si engine will have a 198hp rating and uses high performance camshafts and intake.

-The Si has 31 more torque at a lower range; 170 @ 4300 versus 139 @ 6200 in the 2011, this translates to faster times; the 4th gear is 1sec faster and in 6th 2.4sec faster.

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