Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brazil-Bolivia’s joint efforts for anti drug-war

Brazil has signed a contract with Bolivia to handle cocaine production and trafficking in the country.
The agreement intends to restore the invalid when Bolivia disqualified the US Drug Enforcement Administration in 2008 for suspected political intrusion.
Brazil will provide assistance to train and equip Bolivian security forces as well as deploying drone jets to monitor the border. Bolivia is the world's third biggest producer of cocaine, and near about half its production has been sent to Brazil. The action plan signed between the two countries by Jose Eduardo Cardozo, Brazilian Justice Minister at the time of visiting to Bolivia.
Mr. Cardozo said, drug trafficking has become a global crime that could only be tackled by worldwide combined efforts, engaging countries both internal and external of the territories.
Mr. Cardozo also visited in a remote area in central Bolivia to watch security forces attempts to destroy grounds of coca, with the raw material of cocaine.
Brazil is a main buyer of cocaine, and drug trafficking mobs are a severe security challenge in various Brazilian cities.
The officials from the two countries said they might to expand the contract to include Peru - after Colombia the world's second largest cocaine provider which also has a longest land border with Brazil. The contract appears weeks after US and UN reports said Bolivia was not taken interest to wipe out cocaine production and trafficking. However Bolivian President Evo Morales refused those claims, condemning the US of factitious attempting to associate his government with drug trafficking.
Since February 2011, criticism on Bolivia's against anti-drug futile efforts has been growing, when Gen Rene Sanabria, former commander of the national anti-narcotics police, was captured in Panama under the blames of drug trafficking.
Mr. Morales is himself a former coca producer, and protects the utilization of the leaf for remedial and ritual purposes while saying his government is taking all steps to stop cocaine production.

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