Friday, March 18, 2011

Anti-Qaddafi forces are happy on UN-resolution about no-fly zone

Hadi Shalluf, president of the Justice and Democracy Party of Libya says Libyans would welcome UN ground forces to enforce the no-fly zone.

The anti-Libyan government forces have enjoyably greeted the UN Security Council’s resolution to allow a no-fly zone over Libya. Under the resolution the UN would be able to take every step for securing the common people including a ban on all flights over Libya. The Anti Qaddadi protesters, those have the strong hold Benghazi celebrated the news story with joy and made gun fire and fireworks.

Hadi Shalluf, Libyan Justice and Democracy party’s head said, on the arrival of UN peace-keepers in Libya we will give reception and it would be beneficial to impose the no-fly zone on the ground. Though the resolution has passed with delay, we are very delighted on this resolution. The activists of Benghazi celebrated the resolution with dancing and singing, they say we are very happy.  Shalluf said we thanks to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and U.S. President Barack Obama for making efforts to pass the resolution over no-fly zone. We are thankful to the US government and French government as their foreign ministers for making great job for Libyan people.

Mr. Shalluf also said we desire that UN should send peacekeepers in Libya immediately so we can take help from them. The UN should give assistance in formulating our new law, because through this we want to step down to Qaddafi as early as possible and put the Libya on a democratic path.

On Thursday Col. Qaddafi threatened the rebels in Benghazi to lay down your arms other they will be tackled by a severe attack and the Libyan forces will not show sympathy and sent away the resolution as useless.

But Mr. Shalluf is confident that the UN no-fly zone can stop Gadhafi from implementation to his threat to attack on the rebel’s stronghold at Benghazi. But I think now Qaddafi would not be able to attack at Benghazi due to stand by air forces of US, UK and France. The allies force will take action against Qaddafi’s troops and his private armed forces. He said without taking action against Qaddi’s ground forces and air forces, the idea only for making no-fly zone would be senseless. 

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