Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese nuclear plant system error was unbearable

The Japanese government has assaulted to the operator of a damaged nuclear plant for "intolerable" gaffes.
The Tonbkyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) had said radiation stages were 10m times up as compare to the  normal before correcting the figure to 100,000 times.
Employees are fighting to end radiation leaks at the Fukushima plant, targeted by a heavy earthquake and tsunami over two weeks ago. In the mean time Japan has raised a tsunami warning that was concerned after another quake off its northern coast.
The 6.5-magnitude quake hit at 0723 local time on Monday (2223 GMT Sunday), 109km (67 miles) east of the severely destroyed port city of Sendai. It is not notices to have basis any hurts or destruction. The casualties have reached at 10,804 by the powerful tsunami and earthquake on 9.0 magnitudes and near about 16,000 people are still missing and at least 190,000 people are living provisionally asylums.
According to Japan Time report, for the first time since the crisis, the Japanese authorities have allowed to the foreign medical team to come into the country for looking after to the victims.
The health ministry has ended a ban on holders of foreign medical licenses from practicing in Japan. It has been allowed to a team of 53 medical rescue workers from Israel, including 14 doctors and seven nurses, to work.
About 20,000 US troops are strengthening Japan's Self-Defense Forces, delivering aid to some of the most terrible-targeted areas in what is said to be the massive mutual humanitarian mission the US has conducted in Japan.
The faults related tot the Fukushima Daiichi plant has come into inquiries the functioning company's conducting of the recent crisis. Yukio Edano Japanese government spokesman told to the reporters, "Thinking the reality that the supervising of radioactivity is a main condition to make certain security, such type of error is extremely intolerable and the government has asked to Tepco it should not be revised again," he said. He added the government thinks that the employees were overloaded works and working in stressful circumstances.
Mr. Edano said, Radiation dimensions from a lake of water inside Fukushima's reactor No 2 advised its fuel rods had suffered a factional meltdown.
"The radiation appears to have come from fuel rods that momentarily melted down and came in contact with the water used to cool the reactor. He said, steam may have reduced ... moving water from within the containment vessel," he said, that water is the most contaminated to be found at the plant so far.
Struggle is enduring to take out the contaminated water from the reactor building; the main concern is to make sure that it doesn't pour out into the soil or the sea.
Tepco regretted on Sunday for the "error" in covering a radiation point 10 million times above normal. They said the workers noting the reading in a part of reactor 2's cooling system had no time to verify with a second reading because the radiation level was very up he had had to leave the area. Takashi Kurita, Tepco spokesman said the number is not trustworthy, we are very sorry.
Tepco has been condemned for a lack of precisions and failing to give information on time and for making a number of blunders, including worker clothing. Two workers were taken to hospital last week after wading though contaminated water with insufficient safety. They are hopefully to be discharged on Monday.

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