Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Malaysian 1st making gay film’s disputed success

The first movie under gay subject has shown unexpected good results at box offices in traditional Muslim country.

Opening less than one week back Dalam Botol (In a Bottle), about a post-op transsexual which comes to know that she may have been wealthier as a man has already made at least one ringgit (£206,000) at Malaysian cinemas simply recovering its production and marketing expenses of 970,000 ringgit. Previously the film writer and producer Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman had to put forward all details to the country’s stern censorship board, which yet gave its approval following different alterations. It has not been allowed to the Malaysian film industry to show gay’s favored films, the person who will try to do so will be gone to jail for at least 20 years and the trial are rare.

Dalam Botol bids a non-explicit idea of gay love, attributing heterosexual actors who embrace but don’t kiss. However Sulaiman told the news reporters that she thought the box office results, that show Malaysian viewer can accommodate such types movies, those are much open and not so traditional much more." She added, it is encouraging sign of our people and try to make more films with significant and associated to the reality of people’s lives.

In Dalam Botol, a Muslim man suffered with a sex-alter operation because he considers it will gratify for his boyfriend. Finally, both of them end up unhappy. Box office shows to have been greatly ambitious by debate over the film, which has been at the midst of assumptions that it might be prohibited. The producer, Azmi, founded the film on the experiences of a friend who had sex-change surgery in Thailand.    

The film is not essentially admired with Malaysia's gay people. Pang Khee Teik, co-founder of the Malaysian sexual rights consciousness group Sexuality freedom, said "Most of us Malaysian gays, lesbians and transgender have extremely no apologetic being that we are.
Azmi said her next film would most probably aspects both gay and direct relationships. She plans a "fancy drama" about a young man who desires older partners but whose closest friend is a fish in a bowl that abruptly alters into a man.

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