Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An inquiry about bogus bomb by UPS flight from UK to Turkey

An inquiry has been set up into how a false bomb was put on a cargo plane and taken off from the UK to Turkey without being identification.
The UPS flight left to Istanbul with the pack up allegedly holding a timer, wires and a detonator. The transport department of UK said it was taking to the issue with critically.
A 26-year-old man held on doubt of making a bomb trick was arrested on 23 March but later bailed to go back to a north London police station in May. The police worried the incident was not associated with terrorism.  
According to ITV News, a Turkish person had distributed the parcel, camouflaged as a wedding cake box, to a UPS office in Camden, north London, since a fortnight, according to ITV News.
A spokesman of transport department said, we have already started an inquiry which will examine in details about this incident, including UPS's process.
"The UK has one of the stricken security territories for air cargo in the world. All security methods are basis to constant evaluation.
A UPS spokeswoman said: "about fifteen days before, a doubtful packet put up within the UPS set up aboard an all-cargo airline from the UK to Istanbul, Turkey.
"UPS is assisting with the UK Department for Transport's inquiry of the incident. UPS has a different cover up to approach to make sure security." Facts of which UK airport the flight took off from have not been freed at this time.
Previous October a bomb masked as an ink cartridge was found on a UPS cargo plane at East Midlands Airport.
It had been instanced to blow up over the eastern seaboard of the US, police later said. The bomb, and another found in Dubai, controlled more than 300g of the volatile PETN. It is understood that one sided investigation is that the incident was associated to a family row.

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