Thursday, March 31, 2011

International bizarre – Dig up disruptive at Worldwide Pillow Fight Day

On Saturday, 2 April, feathers will take wing, as citizens from Worldwide begin down-filled arms to have a fun International Pillow Fight Day.

With occasions arranged from Caracas to Cincinnati, these flash-mob technique fights have been taken place international since 2008, with at least 100 cities uniting in the fun this year.

The cheerful pillow fights, which the website says were opened by the decentralized "city playground group", subject to convert cities into "urban living rooms" where public places can be domesticated for social and unprompted use.

The “New York City was the World's biggest event on last year in which more than 5,000 participants were included and the Facebook pages of other classifying cities presently show a large numbers of attendees. While the purpose of the fight is constantly from city to city, some cities adjoin their own flair, whether by asking attendees to wear pyjamas (like London) or hurry in at the elected time blaring "PILLOW FIGHT! - In Vancouver.

To carry on any of the events from obtaining out of hand, various organizers lay down a few fields rules on their affairs page, like: "Don't target the people with cameras or people without pillows" and "Swing lightly" few of the biggest events ask fighters to take non-feather pillows to ease the chaos .

The fighting begins when an indicator like an air horn or screech blows, and can last anywhere from some time to a few hours. Once each person is worn-out, organizers like Newmindspace in New York bring together pillows to contribute to no-kill animal protections and remind attendees to crackdown any kind of chaos. If you want to attend Pillow fighting action, please check with to locate your city up to host your own.


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