Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Afghan President told the Taliban – Not to attack on School

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has advised to the Taliban not to attack on schools.
Mr. Hamid Karzai said if the Taliban desire that foreigners leaving their country that should allow children be studied. To burn the school is a purely condemnable act, he told the nation. More than 400 schools have been closed down because of targeting by the Taliban. About eight million children are anticipated to go to school present year, a third of them girls. Female education was prohibited under the Taliban regime
Mr. Karzai said in a televised speech to highlight the first day of school after the Afghan New Year holiday. Please don't devastate the future of this poor suffering nation that finally has some chances.
"The school is a public asset where our new generations of this territory with the aim of serve the nation. If you desire that foreign troops to quit this country, than let Afghan sons and daughters be civilized.
Mr. Karzai also criticized the standard of education in many private schools, saying some were more attracted in earning money than in giving good education standard.
School enrolment has increasing quickly since the Taliban were determined from power in 2001, but guesses still advise lesser than a third of Afghans are literate.
Education Minister Ghulam Farooq Wardak said about 5 millions more children were due to go to school this year than did in 2010.
It is considered four million children are still unable to attend the school, mostly because security laps. Girls along with their schools are still especially defenseless to attack.
Schools and teachers are constantly victimized by the Taliban, who have endangered to attack anyone assisting for the Western-supported government.

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