Monday, March 21, 2011

Egypt referendum results shows strongest support for legal changes

The Egyptian people have categorically supported legal changes that will consent to country move rapidly on the election.
According to the officials results about 77% people supported the changes through a referendum.
The election under the supervision of former president Hosni Mubarak the results were pre-planned and the turnout was very low. A parliamentary vote would be held immediately in September.
The chief of the supreme judicial committee, Mohammed Ahmed Attiyah, who monitored the vote, said 18.5 million people who voted supported the legal changes. The turnout was 41.2 % of the 45 million eligible voters. The demanded changes are below:
·        Decreasing the president term from six to four year and restrictive the president to two years.
·        The president must be selected his deputy within 30 days of election.
·        Criteria to be made for presidential eligibility, that he must be over 40 years old and not to be married with a non-Egyptian women.
The country’s main political parties, Mr. Mubarak’s National Democratic Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, supported the suggestions.
A Brotherhood party’s spokesman Essam al-Aryan, entitled the result a "Win for the Egyptian people", which would put the country in a new era. He denied the claims that his party had utilized its religious authority and convinces the people for supporting the said changes or that his party was the winner of the vote.
The pro=democracy supporters said the changes could not meet the requirement so the law should be re-framed before election. They argued that the two main parties want to hold the election immediately. But the Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution has placed a message on Facebook advising people to accept the result of the referendum. They said we want to respect the point of view of the people and we got the opportunity after various sacrifices in Egyptian political life.
Margaret Scobey, US ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey, said the referendum was "a significant step towards acknowledging the aim of the 25 January revolution".
It was the first time for many Egyptian to cast their vote. 

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