Tuesday, March 29, 2011

US Army regrets over new Afghanistan violence

The US Army has showed great regret over the killings of Afghanistan’s civilian people after the photos were published in a magazine.

The US army said in a statement the pictures in Rolling Stone magazine were upsetting and dissimilar to its ethics.

The same images were published in German paper Der Spiegel last week. The murder actually took place in the beginning of last year. The US army is in the process of making court martial against the involved persons, one of was locked up last week.

Eric Bates, the chief editor of Rolling Stone said that we have got around 150 pictures totally and we have published only 17 photos on its website. Furthermore we have posted two videos purportedly showing US attacks on Afghan civilian people. Bur Mr. Bates could not tell how the magazine acquired the photographs.

Reacting to their magazine, the US Army said it would "insistently" follow the fact, no matter how hard or longer to the inquiry.

"Liability remains the Army's supreme apprehension in these suspected faults, and we carry on investigating go ahead." The images are suspected to have been taken by a "rascal" US Army unit in Afghanistan in 2010. They highlight US troops smiling over the dead bodies of Afghan civilians they had purportedly died.
Specialist Jeremy Morlock was punished last week to 24 years in lock up for his part in the killing of defenseless Afghan civilians.

In an appeal deal he is likely to give evidence against four companions also to be tested over the killings last year in Kandahar province.

Morlock told an army judge during his test."The strategy was to execute people,"

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