Saturday, March 19, 2011

Icann has given a final approval to sex domain.XXX

Internet administrator has allowed final endorsement to establishing of an internet domain related to pornography.
The decision to make a high level ".xxx" domain –alike to ".com" and ".org" - finishs a 10-year dispute over the virtual red-light district.
Icann had given the primary approval last year, but carried out more consultation checks over the application.
The document is now on the edge to sign an agreement with the ICM Registry, which is supporting the domain, to create xxx a reality. According the supporters the domain will establish a simple to filter unsuitable content. But many pornographers concern that the change could ghettoize their content. The Religious groups have argued that allowing pornography site their own domain legitimizes the content.
Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, said in a draft paper ahead of approving the decision. "The Icann community has busied in widespread contest as well, with this one issue producing greater volumes of community comment than nearly any other issue ever faced within Icann."
The organization directs the internet's addressing system and demands that new top level domains, such as .biz, must be "subsidized" in that they must serve the needs of a distinct community.
According to the ICM previous year that it had at least 110,000 pre-reservations for .xxx domains.
Initial approval for .xxx was given in 2005 but this was cancelled following demonstrations from politically traditionalist groups. Icann also said it was upset that it would be requested to police content - a role it was not set for. A board of US judges said Icann had made a mistake in rejecting the approval of the domain in Feb. 2010.
Icann acknowledged that the verdict and started a public consultation procedure on whether the domain should be approved.

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