Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chinese white paper key points US military 'struggle'

The Unites States is mounting its military attendance in the Asia-Pacific territory, which is becoming more "unstable". China says.
It has also been said a go up in actions intended against China. The analyses were made by the Chinese government under National Defense white paper.
The paper sketches the Chinese present analyses on security problems and gives a summery of its military forces. Through this document, China gives a lackluster evaluation of the regional security condition.
"Deep modifications are taking form in the Asia-Pacific tactical site. Related key powers are enhancing their strategic outlay," it says.
"Worldwide military antagonism remains severe." The document singles out the United States. As per China, it is strengthening military groupings and obtaining more concerned in local interests. It also says outsiders are now more doubtful for China and have risen intrusion and contradicting shifts" against it.
Relations between China and the US especially on military issues have been tensed over recent years. However earlier this year the tension reduced by the Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit to the United States. But the possibility of differences remains higher.
In a press conference launching the white paper, Colonel Geng Yansheng, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, said we accept that our military ties carry on to face troubles and challenges.
No matter warns the relationship more that US help for Taiwan, an autonomous island off China's eastern coast that Beijing thinks its own. The white paper says the US carries on to sell equipments to Taiwan, harshly hampering Sino-US relations.
Col Geng categorically said that both the countries must honor each other's key interests. For China, that includes Taiwan. He said, China wants to maintain relationship based on respect, trust, equality and advantages.
The United States and one of China's neighbors usually state their worries about the final object of Chinese military transformation. But the white paper repeats that any one has anything to worry. It says China's armed forced, recognized as the People's Liberation Army, are there only to protect the country. It says, has a policy of "attacking only after being assaulted".

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