Friday, March 25, 2011

Syria’s Government promises for political transformation

Syrian leaders have assured to launch reforms to fulfill the requirements of demonstrators, after several days of protest in the southern city of Deraa.
The authorities have undertaken to analyze the demand to up lift the state’s emergency, in place since 1963.The government also said we would start inquiry to those involved in shooting various demonstrators in Deraa. The state TV said President Bashar al-Assad have issued order to free everyone detained during the present incidents. However Presidential spokeswoman Bouthaina Shaaban accused external protestors are creating problems, and refused that the government had ordered security forces to open fire on protesters. But she said this "did not mean faults had not been made".
She told in press conference in Damascus "We should not worry the attitude of an individual, and the want and fortitude of President Bashar al-Assad to convert Syria to further success," she told a news conference in Damascus.
Ms Shaaban said,a committee would be established to discuss to "our brothers in Deraa" and provide to justice those accountable for killing demonstrators. The government is also making a law to increase workers salaries, initiate health reforms, allow more political parties to contest in elections, ease media curbs and maintain a new apparatus for combating corruption.
But critics say the government promises will never implemented and Deraa commit would do nothing to fulfill the demands of the peoples. The rebels in Syria sent away the reforms package, and demanded immediate lifting the state of emergency and freeing of thousands of political workers.
Abdul-Karim Rihawi head of Syrian Human Rights League confirmed that authorities had released various workers including well known journalist Mazen Darwish and writer Louay Husein.
Ms. Shaaban blamed worldwide media of overstated the raid on the protesters. Guesses differ as to how many people were died in Wednesday's unrest. Some reports quote deaths near about higher till 100 while other claimed about 15 people were killed. The government informed about 10 people had killed.
The US authorities issued a strong statement criticizing Syria's "vicious oppression" of demonstrations. Jay Carney White House spokesman said US called on the government in Damascus to "workout self control and regard the rights of its people. 

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