Sunday, March 20, 2011

On his to Brazil, Obama made an important Rio speech

US President Barack Obama has made a speech in Rio de Janeiro, focusing the shared values of Brazil and the US.
Mr. Obama spent the morning time at the City of God and he met to local people. Mr. Obama visit to Rio go after the talks in Brasilia with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff focusing on business and trade. The speech was genuinely planned to be an outdoor activity but was shifted inside due to a "number of risks," US officials said.
Partly both the president will discuss on Libya’s development and Mr. Obama will also visit to Chile and El Salvador. Mr. Obama has reached a day after of discussion in the capital Brasilia, with Ms Rousseff and business leaders. In a press briefing both the presidents emphasized Brazil is growing economic power and the chances are available to work more close together.
However there was no indication appeared from US to become Brazil’s permanent member of UN Security Council, which was happened to Ms. Rousseff depressed at the required of stronger support.
In advance of Mr Obama's arrival in Rio, officials have tightened up the security and closed a various streets for ground working. Mr. Obama along with his wife Michelle, visited the City of God (Cidade de Deus) favela, one of several hundred shantytowns that dot Rio's hills.
The shantytown is one of several "appeased" under a program to decrease fighting in the city, which is positioned to be in the international fame with the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games two years later. Through this program a permanent operational police presence, famous as the Pacification Units (UPP), that objective to send away the drug traffickers who control the slums. The people are confident that President Obama would consider that their favela was a far cry from the crime-ridden slum made famous by the Movie City of God. A nurse Tamara Rubia said we say welcome to everybody and we are human not animal. Mr. Obama also watched the performance of martial arts, dance and music by the children of capoeira. He also had a quick kick about with local youngsters playing football.
Mr Obama will finish his Rio visit with a tour of the well known Christ the Redeemer hilltop statue. On his visit the time was given to Mr. Obama for briefing on the current situation of Libya where the Allies forces fighter jets have been carrying out attacks against Qaddafi forces.
According to the White House, Brazil is the eight biggest importers of US goods and quantities of the buying goods is rapidly growing. They also said will deliver a speed in Chile on energy operation, security, economic growth and development, and democracy and human rights.
 El Salvador is a place of America's greaer Hispanic populations. But its murder rate has been mounting as have cocaine attacks in the country and what is identified some as increasing uncertainty is concerning US officials. Mr Obama will have discusses with left-wing El Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes.

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