Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 North American Auto Show: 2012 Honda Civic Sedan Concept

Very nice, can't wait to see what they're going to do to the interior....
Meanwhile, four-door buyers can expect an exterior design very similar to the 2011 Civic. Though the sedan's front-fascia wears a little bit more menace than the current design, the carried-over grille and headlights are more than a little familiar. Out back, new tail lamps and a re-sculpted trunk deck dominate the view.
Honda says that for the first time, buyers in all 50 states will be able to get their hands on the natural-gas Civic. Previously, the green machine was only available in select markets. Additionally, the Civic Hybrid will now boast lithium-ion batteries as opposed nickel-metal hydride. Hit the jump for the full press release.
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