Monday, January 24, 2011

Tirkel�s commission issued report about Isreal's attack on Flotilla Aid ship

Israel has revealed that its attack on Gaza-bound flotilla of aid ship and its naval barrier of the costal commune, which has been occurred on May 2010, was not illegal but was righteous as under the international law, an Israeli investigation completed on Sunday.

As a result of this attack nine Turkish workers were killed, and the relationship between Ankara and Israel were reached at a worsen level. This attack was hugely condemned by the international community; to ease criticism Israel took a decision to maintain its own inquiry commission under the control of for Judge Turkish workers .
The six-member Tirkel�s commission said, "The actions which were taken out by the Israel on May 31, 2010, to impose the naval barricade had the unfortunate effects of the loss of human life and physical injuries and the measures were established according the rules the of International law.

The commission has rejected the point of view by the aid groups that the naval barricade represented illegal sentence of the national of this territory and defined the battle between Israel and Hamas and other Gaza-origin militant groups as �an international armed clash. They also lined the naval blockage of the Gaza Strip does not meant �combined sentence� of the people of Gaza Strip.

The published report is the first of two by the panel and the second, which relates to the decisions of officials, would be released later on during this year.

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