Friday, January 14, 2011

What is the Catastrophe for the Human behind the Irregular Weather?

To increase in the normal temperature of Earth’s near surface air and the Oceans is called Global Warming. The experts say that global warming is a fable obviously the change in climate is cyclic but in the last couple of weeks there have been occurred the shocking changes which were not experienced in the last two centuries.
Floods in Australia swamp a ground collect greater than France and Germany and Brisbane look likes a combat zone even as Pakistan resists with the consequences of its own unlimited water logging in 2010.
Billion of peoples of India face one-figure temperatures, in few places as much as 14 degrees C below normal, which was not heard since 1940. Obviously that is irregular.
In Brazil‘s near Rio heavy flood damaged the city and the river broken out their canals. Kuwait faces low mercury of 8 degrees C. The rains constantly continue in those areas where the monsoon should have finished many weeks before. Due to heavy land sliding in Sri Lanka larger population have deprived from their shelters.
European countries are in the severe grip of icy rain during calms, the US faces more Atlantic storms even as the Big Apple turns into a Popsicle. China is preparing to tackle the challenge of cyclonic flight path and the tsunami risk.
The worst change in climate has targeted the prices of essential commodities, confines journey yet, produces a heavy refugee troubles the results crashes the price bottom line of commodities, confines travel yet, paradoxically, generates a huge refugee problem arising out of coastal moving while business and trade are hit, competencies and output haul their bottom.
In 2010 at least 900 and above natural catastrophes targeted to the whole World and about 95% disasters were interlinked with the climate change and the world has to lost more than US$ 125 billion in form of destruction of cities, heavy crop’s loss and a complete devastation of infrastructure.
It has been forecasted by the weather experts the year 2011 is not bringing good signs for human beings, billion of people will also affected directly by the weather. According to the climate scientists the warmer world will start larger severe of famines, plant flames, floods and hurricanes, placing crops, mining acts and place coastal cities at biggest risk.
In a realistic approach one can say that predicting about weather conditions in a right direction has been impossible and Climate science is losing its balance in giving any warning.

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