Monday, January 17, 2011

Stolen auto show BMW recovered

It didn't take Detroit Police very long to find the hottest stolen BMW in the U.S. -- the $95,000 BMW 7 Series flagship sedan absconded after use as a VIP shuttle.

WXYZ-TV in Detroit says the car turned up on the city's West Side under a blanket of snow. You can see the TV reports by clicking here to view. It was pretty much intact except that the wires to the car's tracking system had been snipped.

As Drive On reported yesterday, this BMW was taken in front of the swanky Westin Book Cadillac hotel near the convention center where the North American International Auto Show is being held. It was one of 19 BMW 750s being used to ferry VIPs. Two thieves apparently snatched it as it was being brought up to be loaded on a carrier and taken out of town.


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