Friday, January 14, 2011

A large numbers of Tunisians come out for the demand of President's Quit

Today once again hundreds of Tunisians come out to the streets demanding that the president must be resigned from the office instantly after Zine El Abidine Ben Ali assured last night that he would not participating in the presidential election which is being held in 2014.

At least 6,000 people gathered outside the interior ministry in the capital, Tunis, to criticize the president, who is ruling for 23 years. During this month almost 25 people have been killed with the clashes of police. The death rate is three times higher than independence time. The protestors are demanding sovereignty of the press and lowering the prices of sugar, milk and bread pieces. Ben Ali, 74 years old has ordered to the police not to open fire on the demonstrators.
Ben Ali said, "I understand our citizens and their demands, but I am depressed about what is happening after 50 years service to his country. I served my country on the different posts for 23 years long presidency tenure.
The present protesters were consisted upon students, doctors, former political prisoners and lawyers in their own specified costumes. The crowd demanded: "Bread, water, Ben Ali quit!"
A protestor Nabil Montasser, a university researcher told "It's time for him to run off. It's time for him to show with actions that he intended what he said in the address."
Kamel Morjane, Bin Ali’s foreign minister, said that the president was agreed to hold parliamentary elections before 2014. In an interview with French radio, Morjane said an alliance of the opposition parties in the parliament, now dominated by Ben Ali's ruling party was possible. He said the president must obey his words, he believes it and he will do it.
He said there would be no more seizing presidential and legislative elections in similar. In so liability, he agreed the principle of legislative elections before the presidential vote in 2014.
The violence began last month when police stop to an unemployed qualified person for selling of vegetable, consequently he himself set on fire, later on he died.
For tightening the security purpose the police directly opened the fire on the protestors, this act of government has been largely condemned by the UN, EU, France and the US.

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