Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bhutan's desire to achieve "A tile of World’s Smoke Free Nation”

To obtain “A tile of World’s smoke free nation” the Bhutan’s police is raiding on the homes of smokers in a search for illegal imported tobacco and are preparing a special tobacco sniffer dog in a crackdown.

In the Buddhist Bhutan where smoking is considered a crime for one's karma, so it has been a banned on the sale of tobacco. 

In 2005 the ban could not achieve its targets, with a flourishing tobacco smuggling operations from neighboring India.

At the beginning of the New Year legislation was passed, through this various authorities have bee given to the police. The police can enter in anybody home to stump out the smoking habit, threaten five years in jail for shopkeepers to sell tobacco and the smokers who could not provide a customs receipts for imported cigarettes.
The Officials of “Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency” has initiated raids permitted to go into the homes if someone is guilty smoking or if officials have cause to consider there is prohibited tobacco there.

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