Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Russia reveales report that "Smolensk air crash" was the blunder of Pilot

Russia has accused the Smolensk air crash causing 100 elite people were killed including Polish President in April by Polish pilot blunder.

The pilot could not observe the bad weather condition; frightened of that President Lech Kaczynski would be distressing, Russian investigators said. They said, due to presence of Poland’s air force chief in the cockpit drove them to take “unfair risk”.

The airliner came down in heavy fog near the western Russian city of Smolensk, President Lech Kaczynski including 95 military and political leadership had been killed, and there were no survivors. They had been traveling to attend the commemorative ceremony of Poles slaughtered during the World War II by Stalin’s clandestine police at Katyn.

Russia's behavior about this disaster had formerly been broadly honored.

Head of the Inter-state Aviation Committee (Mak) Ms. Tatyana Anodina, in Moscow, informed the news reporters that the complete report had been handed over to the Polish authorities.

The Russian investigators played a flight recorded conversation tape of the pilots during final minutes with Russian air traffic controllers. An automatic recorded message in English from the plane's Terrain Awareness and Warning System can be heard insisting the crew to "pull up, pull up".

She said, The Soviet-made Tu-154 plane, had been in fine condition when it took off from Warsaw en route to Smolensk's Severny airport, and it undergone no engine defect or flight system failures and there was no fire, blast or other spoil in the air, she sustained.

She said, during the flight, the squad was again and again informed about inappropriate weather conditions at the destination airport." In spite of this, the crew of the Tu-154 was not able to take a timely decision to switch to a back-up airfield. This may be believed as the beginning of the worst situation aboard the plane."

"The main passenger's projected pessimistic response placed psychological force on crew members and inclined the decision to carry on the landing," she said. The pressure was built up when air force commander Gen Andrzej Blasik entered in the flight deck. The quantity of alcohol was found in the blood of Gen Blasik by pathological test in an attention of 0.6 grams per liter just above the drink-driving limit for most EU states.

Last month Polish authorities had condemned the draft’s description of this report.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk explained of the Russian report as "objectionable", saying some of its parts were baseless. He said it did not fulfill completely with the Chicago Convention which standardize international air travel.

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