Thursday, January 27, 2011

Germany stopes its annual payment to the Global Fund accusing Corruption

Germany has stopped its annual disbursement of about 200m Euro to the Global Fund against Aids, TB and Malaria, because of corruption allegations.

Germany has annual budget of more than $20bn and is the third-major supporter to the UN donation fund. It has been accused that the fund’s monitors are meager in few countries and probably a huge amount of dollars have been drained off. However the fund acknowledges there has been minor corruption but says it is on small level.  It says the misusing of corruption had been revealed through its own investigation team and that where corruption was found it was treated forcefully.

Germany has been fully connected about the development of our inspector general as well as the instant and solid measured the Global Fund has taken to eradicate exploitation”

The Global Fund is the only one main largest source of income to curb the worst dangerous diseases. The charges of corruption have been pointed out by the AP (The Associated Press) news agency.

German Development Minister Dirk Niebel said that charges of corruption should be studied by detailed inquiry and I take the allegation very seriously. We expect that Global fund would evaluate the facts very urgently. He said.

Whenever the matter of corruption would not be solved completely we will not pay any payment to the fund.
A ministry spokesman said it should be highlighted about US$ 34 million of funds have been vanished away because of fake documentation and inappropriate accounting and deception.  

Jon Liden GF spokesman said Germany was answering to ambiguous media reports. He said any inquiry Germany may have would be responded by the fund during talks next week in Bonn.

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