Monday, January 31, 2011

Honda R and D: Mind Contol a Car

This is a neat idea, but I think all we'd have to do is take the tech that Honda has developed for ASIMO and incorporate it into a R2 unit like below.... no?

Posted on: January 31st, 2011 by Hannah Westfield

Everyone has had a time when they wished things could be achieved through thought alone. As children, many try to move objects and imagine what it would be like to have the power to do things through thought alone.

Well, incredibly this idea may not be far away. Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer, has been having talks this weekend with some top fashion designers. The idea is to design and produce a stylish and attractive ‘driving hat’, which should be able to allow the wearer to be able to undertake tasks while driving via just thinking about what needs to be done.

It sound like something from a futuristic science fiction film, where a UFO or weapons system is controlled purely by thought. However, this is a real prototype that will actually read its wearers brainwaves to do simple tasks for the driving. It will be able to undertake commands to turn on window wipers or headlights, open things like the boot, or other simple tasks.

The scanner and controller are so small that it can actually fit into the lining of a hat, just an ordinary hat, not even a specially designed one. Some have said that Honda are now looking to get high-end fashion designers and Hollywood stars involved in the project.

Up until recently, reading brain pattern has required probes and often hair removal. However, Honda’s design has managed to read brain waves through hair and via soft pads (no proing required). The idea of the hat is to be a fashionable driving aid, making life easier, while making the driver look good.


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