Monday, January 31, 2011

Egyptian demonstrators are rising pressure on President Mubarak

It has been ordered to the Police of Cairo to take them duties where a large number of demonstrators gathered in the central area of the city on the 7th day of protest. The protestors have called for a universal protest on Monday, and are holding prayers in respect of those taken life in the anarchy.

All the Protesters have desired that President Hosni Mubarak must quit from the president office. The president has asked his new Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq to introduce new political transformations. In a letter to Mr. Shafiq, the president emphasized to make progress towards legal and legislative reforms through the dialogue with the political parties. He also calls for economic plans that give the greatest concern to people’s anguishing and decreases joblessness by producing new opportunities of jobs.

In the light of the present scenario, certainly the protest will not be stopped until Mr. Mubarak quit from the office. On the seventh day of protest there were more than 50,000 people on Tahrir Square in the centre of the city. On the other parts, streets are busy and things come out to be backing to normal. It has been made a plan to “protest of the million” March probably on Tuesday. On Sunday, most of the people in Cairo's were not panic by the low-flying visits from air force jets and a helicopter. Addressing to the crowed prominent Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei said that change is near to us.

The old Egyptian president is coming under rising global pressure to give a flat change, political address for asking him to quit and give way for democratic transformations. Mr. Mubarak's administration illustrates no symbol of movement yet.

In fact by deploying tanks into the Cairo streets and sending fighter jets to fly low over the demonstrators, he may be loosing his substantial military strength, drawing out a visible message to his opponents. But the demonstrators still consider that they are pushing out toward complete defeat of Mr. Mubarak’s hated government. A huge crowed of people in Alexandria and there were also substantial protestors in Mansoura, Damanhour and Suez.

The government authorities are taking notice regarding absence of police during protest, in which almost 100 people have been died during rallies clashes. The Interior Minister Habib al-Adly declared on Sunday that police would be rear on the streets to restore order due to continued reports of prowling.

Various shops are closed and the business activities have been collapsed by the calls of protests in very populous Arab nation with 84.5 million occupants. The protest is being made on the same track against Tunisian President Ben Ali over lack of democracy, high inflammation, and unemployment and longest rule of 30 years of President Mubarak. Tourism is the main sector of Egyptian economy, having about 6% of GDP.

Most of the European and Asian countries have ordered to their citizens to leave the Egypt immediately.

International pressure is increasing for some kind of decision. US President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed about the need for a "smooth conversion" to a democratic future for Egypt. President Obama made a number of calls to the foreigner leaders including Turkish Prime Minister Tayyab Erdogan, shah Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and British Prime Minister David Cameron about worse situation of Egypt. The European Union foreign minister meeting is being held in Brussels on Monday in which protest in Egypt would be on the top of list of their agenda.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said "Egypt is an ally of China and we hope social constancy and order will return to Egypt very soon.

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