Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My throat Cancer has gone away said Michael Douglas Oscar Winning Actor

In an interview with NBC morning show, Film star Michael Douglas said that my throat cancer is vanished away and I have defeated the disease, which was diagnosed in last year. Now I feel good and comfortable because my tumor has gone away.

He said "I suppose the chances are with the tumor disappeared and what I recognize about this sort of cancer, that I've found it thrash." Douglas 66, said but certainly I will have to check on a monthly basis.

“I think there is not a complete excitement but most likely I will take few months of getting monitored but it has been a natural six months difficult journey”. It was the Douglas recorded interview which will be completely on aired on 23 January 2011.

Douglas told to the co-host Matt Lauer he had been in-taking like a pig since he ended his energy treatment and had been functioning out at the gym.

The Oscar-winning Film Star said my 32lbs weight had gone during his disease handling but had since place 12lbs back on.

Douglas exposed in August 2010 that he had higher “type four cancers". Last time he was seen in “Money Never Sleeps in the autumn” on the big screen in Wall Street.

His son film fable “Kirk Douglas” also won an Oscar Award for his role as ruthless stockbroker Gordon Gekko in the original Wall Street film.

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