Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lahore's Exibition on the message of "Peace and Harmony"

Arif Rahman Chugtai, the son of the renowned artist Abdur Rahman Chughtai and the director of the exhibition titled ‘The Defensive Sword’ said that “Peace and safety always boom under the shadow of a sword”
Artists always promote “Peace, harmony and tolerance” which the message of God, throughout the World and educate the people to abstain from the war and brutality. He added.
The exhibition has been arranged at the Chughtai Museum to celebrate its 36th anniversary which will be continued for the next three months. 
The main objective of this exhibition is to underline the defensive nature of the sword and its role in establishing peace.
The exhibition aspects paintings of Mughal emperors and Islamic rulers among other historical figures and was well received by critics and art fans.
The precision of the lines and the combination of different shades move you. His fantastic thoughts that he so exactly shifted onto the canvas never ends to amaze me, Tariq Mahmood said.
Nahid Malik said she found Chughtai’s paintings of Caliph Haroon Al Rasheed the best. “He has used many shades of green to symbolize the Caliphs personality. His use of different colors is outstanding,
 Sundus Chaudhry, another art enthusiast attend the event, was of the opinion that Chughtai’s work was matchless. She said that various people had attempted to copy his work but they could not do so.
“You start to appraise the brightness of his work within few minutes of laying your eyes on it.”
The exhibition also demonstrated Abdur Rahman Chughtai’s uncompleted work that he signed and gave to people as reminders, as well as the well known painting titled will and power that was selected to become a national postage stamp. Chughtai was considered one of the best artists of the Sub-continent.
His devotees include Allama Iqbal, Pablo Picasso and Queen Elizabeth II.

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