Thursday, January 13, 2011

Numerous Casualties due to heavy Flood and Land Sliding in Brazil

In Brazil south mountain town near Rio De Janeiro more than 250 people have been killed causing heavy flood, rain and land sliding destruction on Wednesday, the deaths may be increased official said.

In Teresopolis north of Rio town at least 125 people were killed after hillsides and riverbanks bowed as the result of one month's rainwater in 24 hours, the water mud’s flow was entered in the communities.

According to the official statement almost 106 were killed in the town of Nova Friburgo and 18 people were killed in the city of Petropolis.

The rains far reaching southeastern Brazil also killed 11 people in Sao Paulo state and scrambled transport in the country's financial capital. The city mayor Jorge Mario told the television that 50 people were missing in Teresopolis.

He said, the rescue teams have been sending in the most horrible areas, adding probably around 1,000 people had been deprived from their shelters. It is the greatest disaster in the history of this town.

A vast majority of the people of Picturesque area which is known Serrana region were isolated by the flood and disconnected from power and telephone contact.

The state television are showing the constant rain caused al most one river to broken out its banks, sinking cars and demolishing houses in Teresopolis.
Antonio Venancio, 53-year-old Teresopolis resident told the news reporters by telephone, that “I saw 7 dead bodies in my street only”, whose house was flooded but still standing. “We just unable to know what to do on account of face of something so terrible."

Sergio Cabral, Rio state Governor said that he had requested the Navy for aircraft to get rescue squad and equipment to the region, which was somewhat cut off from Rio by road.

According to fire officials, in Nova Friburgo, four firemen were misplacing after being covered by a mudslide while they tried to rescue sufferers. Also three people including two children were killed by collapsing of a three-story building on Tuesday.

Buses and trucks were shown trapped on streets with flood waters arriving up to their windows.

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